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About DARS

Dashboard & Airbag Repair Specialist (DARS) Private Limited Company– established in August 2015 – operates as a leading airbag repair company situated in Germiston, South Africa. Understanding each customer’s unique needs places DARS among the most respected service providers in the airbag repair industry. No job is too big or too small. DARS carries out the full spectrum of airbag system repair from repairing minor scratches to repairing substantial damage to the dashboard and airbags.


In-house services include dashboard restoration, seat airbag repair, passenger airbag repair, steering airbag repair, curtain airbag repairs, reprogramming of airbag modules (ECU) unlocking seatbelts, airbag diagnostics, resetting of airbag system, as well as full Valet Service. DARS provides quality guaranteed service. Not only do customers benefit from our years of experience that our dedicated business team provides, customers’ personal and business aspirations also flourish from our commitment to render ongoing innovations emerging from global motor industry and market trends. All repairs carry the DARS life time Warranty from date of completion.


DARS has a staff complement of employees who believe in doing it right the first time! Moreover, DARS is backed by the most qualified and extensive partner network of accredited manufacturers working hand-in-hand with our own support-team members who are committed to going the distance with you, the consumer. Our multidisciplinary team approach ensures the delivery of superior workmanship and service excellence while our client service approach provides a structured method to identify your needs and requirements.

DARS services includes:

• Personal Vehicles (dashboard and airbag repairs). 

• Corporate vehicles (dashboard and airbag repairs).

• Public and government institutions vehicles (dashboard and airbag repairs).


We have a comprehensive range of state of the art modern dashboard and airbag repairs equipment. We also believe that even the best equipment will not deliver without the human resources. DARS prides itself in highly experienced and motivated staff geared to deliver seamless service to its customers. DARS provides quality guaranteed service that are in line with ongoing innovations emerging from global motor industry and market trends. 


We have a strong and dedicated workshop department which takes care of all dashboard and airbag repairs issues, working according to manufacturer’s repairs and maintenance recommendations. This is done to ensure that we retain the originality of your vehicle’s dashboard and airbags system and remains in tip top condition that will ensure guaranteed quality service to all our clients. All repairs carry the DARS life time Warranty from date of completion. Please feel free to approach our staff for any on-site assistance.


At DARS we recognize the value of methodical, detailed airbag system examination. Every vehicle undergoes a thorough testing process that includes a comprehensive airbag diagnostic analysis, accident quality report, and checking of all OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirements. Our estimator will also examine existing components within the airbag system including crash or impact sensors, airbag plugs and airbag wiring. On arrival a checklist is completed by a customer oriented DARS consultant in collaboration with the customer to identify damages to the airbag system and parts. Photographs are taken to substantiate these findings.

Our Vision


DARS’s vision is to operate as a dynamic business capable of sustaining innovative performance, to introduce new products and processes, and to transform the airbag repair industry by creating new competitive rules.


Our Mission


DARS is a leading airbag repair company servicing a consumer base comprising accredited vehicle manufacturers, motor institutions, insurance companies, fleet owners and the general public. Our mission is to pursue our commitment toward technical leadership and process control parallel to expanding the concept of value to include all elements of the total product or service experience. Our purpose is to earn a loyal consumer-patronage through our continual efforts to provide quality, zero-defect and cost-effective airbag repairs.

Our Philosophy


DASRS strives to provide customers and associates within the industry with the highest level of service. We therefore rely on your candid contribution by completing our standard in-house questionnaire to gain knowledge of how you perceive all aspects of our business but also to enable us to identify anticipated needs.

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